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It's entirely written in C#. It contains a built-in ZIP library - SharpZip, which in my opinion appears to be quicker then the Microsoft ZIP library. It only requires .NET Framework 2.0. It's a small little app. It will only compress uncompressed MSSQL backups (.bak) - in the new version it will also deal with SIMS Discover exports (.dbk) and will only delete compressed files (.zip), SIMS Discover exports (.dbk) and MSSQL backups (.bak). It deletes before it compresses, so you don't waste time compressing only to delete. You can set the maximum age of the backup and it will delete them older then the date specified, it uses the date created. Compression is optional, and if you do choice to, it will set the creation date to the same as the MSSQL backup (.bak).



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